Manoj Kumar J.

Mr Ahmed is superb Instructor i have cleared written test in first attempt as well as Cleared the Road test in first attempt.
He Is Awesome and the best coach.

John O.

My son had Mr. T as his behind-the-wheel driving instructior. The experience was very positive. He lost his anxiety about driving and passed the DMV road skills test the first time. I highly recommend both Northern VA Driving School and Mr. T.

Swati V.

My instructor Ahmad was very helpful and extremely patient enough to teach everything required to drive safe here .. I would 100 cent recommend this place and Instructor. Thanks

Laura B.

My instructor, Noshaba, was great. She was patient, kind and very good at telling me what to do and when. Customer service was great too. I payed for my first class and next day I had the instructor picking me up for my first lesson. I highly recommend Northern VA Driving School!

Rita J.

I wanted my grandson to have good learning experience before he took his behind the wheel.
I purchased the 3 three 90 minute classes. My grandson could drive a little. I will tell you they are the best!!! arrived on time my grandson was thoroughly impressed he learned quite a bit and on day # 4 he took the behind the wheel driving test and passed with flying colors!!! thank you Northern VA Driving School your integrity and patience and honesty!!!!

Michelle M.

Ahmad was fantastic. My daughter has ADHD, and had a really difficult time before we used Northern VA Driving School. She was also was extremely nervous and despite our best efforts, my husband and I could not get her to leave the neighborhood while driving the car. She was getting more and more frustrated, rather than better. However, after completing the package with Ahmad, she has driven to her school, doctor’s appointments, etc (with us in the car of course since she’s on her learner’s permit). While riding with her, I have observed a “night and day” difference. She is both safe and confident. Thank you!!!!!

Bianca V.

My instructor was Ahmad, I have driven a little before but did not have much experience. Ahmad didn’t raise his voice or get impatient when I made mistakes. He calmly explained what I did wrong and how to fix it in the future. I would definitely recommend! Passed my test on the first try.

Dooly M.

My instructor, Mr. Farooq, was very professional. He knows how to make you feel confident and comfortable while driving. He knows how to teach you how to drive safely and gives you a very clear instructions and steps while driving to make it easy to learn driving especially for someone who never drives before 🙂 someone like me.
The prices are high as most of the driving schools here, but completely worth every penny. I passed the behind the wheel test from the first try.

Comparing to my other friends who tried other instructors from other companies, my driving is much better than them even though we all had 10 hours of learning. I passed my driving exam and some of my friend with other driving companies did not. That is how Northern VA Driving School is very good.

I am very satisfied with the results and the experience with Northern VA Driving School was very amazing and enjoyable.I really recommend NDS to everyone.

Robert A.

I just cant say how thankful I am to have found out about Northern VA Driving School….my family’s driving journey starts when I was looking for my mom for driving classes and found out about this school so I went ahead and called…my mom failed her first exam and she was refusing to take the driving test again except when she took classes with someone and after 5 classes..she took the exam and passed….never saw my mom so happy to pass something like that in fact she was so happy that she told my sister to go with him and guess what she passed too….both of them encouraged my younger sister to learn from him…ps my younger sister didn’t know the difference between the gas paddle and the breaks but she always talked about how calm and relaxed Mr Farooq was. I even laughed since I knew my sister didn’t know anything about siting behind the wheel but again guess she passed….I couldn’t believe it because i promised myself that I wouldn’t even try and sit beside her while she was learning because i would have a heart attack…..last but not least my dad a few days ago passed his driving class and guess who we always thanked yup you guessed right its Mr Farooq…I don’t have 1..2..3 proofs that he is awesome I have 4 yes 4 proofs all my family passed cause of this guy…Don’t believe me just try with him and see how you will pass so fast Thank you Mr Farooq for getting all my family their liscences

Dominique F.

My mom came to visit from Egypt and if you’ve never been to Egypt, you will not understand how people drive there. To sum it up, I can guarantee you that half the Egyptian population who’s been driving for yrs back home would fail the driving test here. So, she decided to look up driving schools online to get some refresher driving classes before taking the exam. After coming back from her first class with Farook she told me about how great he is and advised me to take classes with him as well. I’m 25 and before this August I was never interested in getting a driver’s license. Just thought I’ll never need it and that I’ll never be able to pass the test, but then I got on the road with Farook and all of a sudden I was actually driving a car. Both my mom and I got the five class pass, and even though my mom asked him a million times if she or I needed extra classes before going to take the test, he said we were both ready, and guess what? WE WERE. We both passed the exam from the first time.

What I really appreciated about Farook was the fact that he knew when we were ready, he didn’t agree to give us extra classes just to get the money out of us, but he truly cared about us. Plus, he’s super relaxed and calm from the first moment you step foot in his car. Truly appreciated!