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Northern VA Driving School in Herndon, makes teens and adults learn how to drive behind the wheel in Herndon, VA with an aim that everyone should know the art of SAFE DRIVING. With our DMV certified driving school Herndon, VA’s instructors our trainees obtain safe driving culture through our exclusive training and road sense.

Our vehicles are comfortable and convenient to drive. With honesty and hard work our DMV certified, FBI approved experienced male and female driving instructors impart the right techniques to encourage our trainees to understand the importance of road safety when driving behind the wheel in Herndon, VA.

We at Driving School Herndon, VA don’t just focus on better skills behind the wheel but also educate defense driving skills to individuals so that they won’t freak out in case of a malformation while driving.

With tailored driving lessons near me in Virginia, about 99% of our students pass the tests with flying colors. Our purpose is to promote the attainment of SAFE and RESPONSIVE DRIVING skills. Our instructors have instructed thousands of novices on how to be innocuous and qualified drivers as well as how to pass their driving tests and obtain an adult driving license, Herndon, VA effortlessly.

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90 minutes class : $70

  • 120 minutes class:$80
  • 3 classes,90 minutes each :$200
  • 5 classes, 90 minutes each :$300
  • free pickup and dropoff
  • Designed for novice and amateurs


Behind the Wheel : $250

  • 7 days course + road test
  • 50 minutes driving per day
  • No observation required due to covid-19
  • Free pick-up and drop-off
  • For ages under 18 only
  • At the end of this course, successful
  • candidates will be issued a license*.


Driving training: $300

If you are a parent who is too busy or scared of teaching your child how to drive, we can help your child to get on the road from Ground Zero within days!

  • 5 days course
  • 90 minutes classes
  • For beginners and the less experienced
  • Free pick-up and drop-off


7 period road reexamination: $250

If you have failed the road test three
times, you are required by the DMV
to complete a 7-period requirement.

  • The prices may vary by the area
  • For ages 18 and over
  • $185 for 8 hour of classes for permit reexamination
  • Certificate is issued upon completion


Driving improvement classes: $30

This is for those who:

  • Are adults (18+)
  • Have received a ticket
  • Want plus 5 points on their license
  • Want to improve their driving record


8 hours of classes: $185

This course if for adults (ages 18 and over) who have failed thrice in learner’s permit test

  • On completion, we issue a certificate


for only: $250

Avoid the DMV Road test 18 and above Know how to drive ? Have a drivers ed certificate? ( from
high school or elsewhere ) Then you can do behind the wheel with us and obtain your license,without going to the DMV!!

  • 50min of driving
  • No observation required due to covid-19
  • Road test and license
  • Plus free pick up and drop off
  • 7 days course

Drivers Education Course

Drivers education
online course $140

  • Male Or Female Professional Instructor
  • 36 hours online course for teenagers & adult for: $140
Note:- (Under 18 years old kids they must attend the parent teen class)
  • 8 hour class room only course to get 5 good points: $100
  • For those who may have received a ticket
  • Improves driving record

Why Choose Driving School Herndon, VA?

Practice makes perfect, and behind the wheel Herndon, VA training is no exception. If you want to earn your drivers’ permit and obtain drivers’ licenses effortlessly. Fortunately, Driving School Herndon, VA, has covered you with a slew of DMV approved driving lessons near me as well as practice tests for adult driving license.

With years of professional experience in driving lessons, we make obtaining your adult driving license fun and hassle-free. Our experienced instructors offer a flexible and convenient system of classes and help regain your confidence while driving behind the wheel Herndon, VA.

DMV Approved Driving School Herndon, VA

Virginia driving Schools near me that teach novice drivers or drivers in specialized areas. Our DMV certified driving school, Herndon, VA, is categorized by teens driver education, general classroom courses or behind-the-wheel training.

We facilitate customized and approved DMV driving lessons imparting traffic rules as part of a plea bargain with a court or for demerit point reductions. Our professional DMV certified, FBI approved experienced driving tutors and our bizarre methodology transform the complex courses into the simple learning programs and present you the best feasible behind the wheel training.

Safety and ease of the mind are very important for us. That being said, we take care of our student’s comfort and convenience by presenting the best and the latest model cars with dual-brake and gas pedals installed. That means you can learn driving without having to worry about road safety. Our certified and licensed instructors can employ brakes for the student, when required, presenting the trainee an added sense of safety and protection as they learn.

For further information about our driving institute and courses, give us a call on 571 271 5667. To enroll in our programs, Register Here!

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frequently asked questions(FAQ'S)

Northern VA Driving School | Driving School in Herndon VA

Northern VA Driving School has been the top driving academy of Herndon VA for many years. We are family owned and certified driving school of Herndon VA. We are dedicated to provide professional driving lessons in Herndon VA. We are equipped with latest vehicles to offer quality driving lessons at your doorstep in Herndon VA. With qualified driving instructors and state of the training environment, we make sure to serve all our customers with modern resources. Honest policies and high class lessons have enabled us to gain outstanding reputation in the area. Our students refer us to many potential customers happily. It is extremely important to learn the secrets of driving effectively and safely. We provide dedicated services to our each and every client. By joining Northern VA Driving School, you will feel a big change in no time. We make sure that everyone is able to learn driving comprehensively. That is why we do not rush into driving lessons in our driving school. Even, you can have additional time if you are unable to understand the tactics of driving first time. We design our driving instruction according to the needs of various people. All of our courses are latest and in demand. Northern VA Driving School is not only one of the best driving schools but also DMV approved driving school of Herndon VA. We are fully licensed and insured.

Behind the wheel training

The most important factor you should consider before doing behind the wheel training in Herndon VA is to choose state of the driving school because it is impossible to learn insights of safe driving through ordinary schools. Our tailor made lessons will help you greatly in passing driving exams. Finest benefits will be offered at our cheap driving school of Herndon VA. We are specialized in teen behind the wheel and adult behind the wheel training in Herndon VA. You can find hundreds of driving institutes in your area. However, all of them are not of the same quality. You have to choose the one that stands out in the competition.

Driving Lessons

Northern VA Driving School is proud to offer comprehensive driving lessons for teens in Herndon VA. We understand the importance of learning driving safely in early age. We will be in touch with parents of teens to provide valuable feedback. We want to ensure the parents that we use latest methods at our local driving school in Herndon VA to offer effective teaching to teens. We want to ensure that your child will be given quality education to become an expert driver. Moreover, we help adults who want to pass DMV driving test in additional attempts. We prepare adults for different scenarios through our thorough driving lessons for adults in Herndon VA. For instance, we tell them how to drive in various weathers. You can enjoy benefits such as getting driver’s license quickly, learning the art of parallel park through our proven method, real time practice, schedule a driving test and free pick and drop. Driver training services are also available in our driving institute.

How many lessons would I need to learn decent level of driving?

Every individual is different and so is his/her learning power, grasping ability and the confidence-building time. Thus, it is difficult to say how many exact numbers of lessons you would need to learn decent level of driving. The instructor would initially assess your ability to grasp driving basics and would then be able to give you an estimate of the time you would need to develop proper skills. In most cases, one individual needs about 10 sessions of behind the wheel training and a set number of classroom education lessons. But we as a driving school, do not limit ourselves by setting a fixed number of classes and are patient enough to let slow learners develop skills as per their own pace and speed. Individual adaptability, home practice, previous knowledge and confidence level play an important role in deciding the number of lessons required.

How can I get some of my queries answered regarding your driving school?

If you have any questions or queries on your mind, then please feel free to contact us either at our phone number or you can also contact us by submitting your query through our website. Once we receive you query, we will revert back to you as soon as possible and will make the best possible efforts to solve all your doubts and questions in the most clear way. We are available for contact through phone on all days of the week from 10 am to 5 pm.

Do you offer free pick up from home facility?

We understand that that not all of you stay close to the address of the driving school and it may not be possible for all of you to travel to the school easily. Thus for your convenience, we do offer free pick up from your home facility. In fact we also offer to drop you home after the class gets over. This helps you save your time and avoids the need of your parents dropping you off at the driving school. Moreover, when we pick you from home, you get to do your driving practice in the vicinity of your area, which can be helpful.

When should I organize professional driving classes for my daughter or son?

It is advisable for your son or daughter to join a professional driving school or class immediately after he/she gets his/her learners driving license. This is the right time to teach your son or daughter the important principles or low risk driving and the various safety precautions, traffic signs, rules and state regulations. In this day and age where driving is a common activity and mode of transportation, your son or daughter must learn it as early as possible to ride to college on his/her own without your help.

What is the cheapest way of booking my driving lessons?

Our driving school keeps coming up with several discount options and packages where you can save money. You can check out the website regularly to avail any of the ongoing special offers or discounts and enroll yourself when you find yourself a good deal.

What happens in the case when I need to cancel a class?

We allow students to cancel a class if it is absolutely not possible to make it. But we prefer if our students inform us in advance that they won’t be able to attend class because cancelling at the last moment can cost us and won’t allow us to refill the vacancy or the free class timing. Thus, make sure that whenever you wish to cancel a class, you call your instructor or the driving school and let us know that you won’t be able to make it to the class.

Once I have completed the course, will I be able to drive independently and get my license?

The sole and primary aim of this driving school is to turn you into well trained, safe and responsible drivers. Thus we make all efforts to teach you driving in such a way that you develop your skills, confidence, knowledge, expertise, traffic rule knowledge and independent driving abilities. We do not hurry you up during the classes and make sure that the lessons are completed only when we think you are ready to drive on your own. For some, it may take just a few classes while for others; it may take more classes to reach this point.

How old do I need to be to take driver’s education?

In most states, a person is only allowed to drive when he/she turns 17 years old but this age rule can vary from state to state. But generally, one can apply for a provisional driving license one year before you he/she turns the eligible age for driving.

How often should I have my driving lessons?

While learning driving, it is important that you remain regular with your lessons and continuity is important for better development of concepts and effective learning. Thus, you must have between 2-4 lessons per week or if possible, even more frequently. But if you have any constraints, you can also opt for the weekend batch that offers driving lessons only on weekends which means that you will need to do some practicing within the week, if you own a vehicle yourself. The practice will help to fill the gap and let you be in touch with your lessons.

Can I customize the driving class schedules and programs?

We understand that not all of you will be able to attend the same fixed batches that we offer and hence for your convenience, we allow you to customize programs and class timings as per your needs and requirements. You can inform us in advance about the days and timings that suit you and we can accordingly arrange driving lessons for you. This is one of the highlight features of our driving class or school that it offers students the flexibility to learn at their own free time and be free of any pressure from our side.

Which are your various service areas?

Our driving school offers it’s driving class and lesson services in several areas and regions of Northern Virginia.

Would I be able to use my instructor’s car?

Most driving schools offer you their own state-of-the –art vehicles for your driving lessons but some may ask you to get your own vehicle. These vehicles owned by driving schools are good vehicles to do your vehicle practice on as they have been tuned to suit the needs of learners.

How do I book my spot in your upcoming behind the wheel course?

Reserving yourself in any course at our driving class is an extremely simple process. To reserve or book a place in any of our programs, you can either log online or can call at the class phone number and make a booking by yourself. To reserve a place in our program online, you can simply follow the steps on the website’s home page, select the program that you wish to take up, select the timings that are suitable to you and then make a deposit for the class online itself. If you wish to make a booking in person, then you would have to find the number of the school and make a call to book a program of your choice. You can also request customized or personalized driving lessons or classes as per your needs, requirements, timing limitations and other personal specifications.

Can I bring my parents or relatives along during the driving class?

We understand that you might be a little anxious and nervous during the behind the wheel or practical driving lessons and keeping this in mind, we allow our students to come along with their parents or any other person for support and encouragement. But, it is advisable to not get more than 1 person along with you as having too many people in the vehicle can distract you and also put them in danger, if you were to hit your car in the worst case scenario or situation.

What safety precautions do you take during practical driving lessons?

The first and the most important aspect of teaching driving at our driving school is safety. We take the safety of our students very seriously and take enough precautions while giving driving lessons. For this, you will be taught the various traffic rules before going for actual driving lessons and would be given the knowledge of all the safety instructions that will help you during the real driving training. The licensed trainers will also keep you safe during the driving training and will make sure that you do not over speed or break traffic rules.

Are your driving instructors certified and trained?

While hiring our trainers, we take care of the fact that all of them have legal driving licenses and are certified to provide driving lessons to students. We only hire experienced and well trained instructors to ensure maximum safety and high quality driving lessons for our students. They not only help you to learn driving but also learn about the various traffic rules, safety precautions and know how to keep all the students calm, composed and relaxed during driving lessons. Every trainer has many hours of driving teaching experience and is certified by the state.

Why choose this driving school for your driving lessons?

There is no dearth of good driving schools or top quality professional schools that can offer driving lessons and training but what makes us different from them is the fact that we make driving training an experience of a lifetime by offering the most top quality behind the wheel training, and take care of your safety to the maximum extent. Every driving program or course is designed especially as per individual needs, age bracket, comfort level, learning level and other factors. We believe in giving individual attention to each student and therefore choose the most well trained and certified instructors at your driving school. We offer separate driving lessons to adults and teens and also offer pick up and drop off services, keeping your convenience in mind. Our state-of-the-art vehicles are designed to meet your learning requirements and are in extremely good shape and condition to facilitate easy learning. Our track record speaks for itself and looking at it will give you an idea about the kind of response we get from all our students and clients after the lessons are complete. Moreover, we also help students get their provisional driving license as well as the original driving license by helping them prepare for their practical driver’s examination. We not only teach driving but safe and reliable driving to all our students and our instructors are trained to be polite to them for best results and maximum extent of effective learning.

Can I join the course at any time?

Thanks to our customized and flexible programs, you can join any course at any weekday or at any weekend. All you have to do is to call the office so that we can inform you the exact timing of the class or the day when the next class is to be held.

What happens in the case when I fail my practical driving test?

In case you fail your practical driving test, you have the freedom to apply for a new one immediately afterwards. But you must know that you cannot take the test for the next 2 working days after the result of the previous one comes out. This time is given so that you can correct your faults, prepare yourself in a better way and learn whatever you need to learn once more for better results.

What if I have special needs?

We understand that driving is one activity that is vital for everyone. So if you are suffering from moderate learning difficulties or specific learning difficulties like ADHD, Dyslexia or Dyspraxia or other such problems, even then you can learn how to drive. These difficulties should not stop you from learning something as important as driving. If you have these types of special needs, then you will be given certain special aids or will be given an automatic car to drive. We shall try to help you to the maximum possible extent, whatever you’re special need be. Do you know what makes Northern VA Driving School different and why you should get training from us? We make training a pleasant experience. We are a family owned and operated business offering behind the wheel training & professional driving lessons in the Northern Virginia areas (Fairfax Virginia, Manassas, Reston, Chantilly, Sterling VA and other areas). We have top-notch driving instructors with huge experience of teaching driving in Northern Virginia. The reputation of our company is built on quality driving instructions and honest policies since most of our students are referred to us by our previous students.

Northern VA Driving School Fairfax, Manassas, Chantilly, Reston & Sterling Virginia

Do you know what makes Northern VA Driving School different and why you should get training from us? We make training a pleasant experience. We are a family owned and operated business offering behind the wheel training & professional driving lessons in the Northern Virginia areas (Fairfax Virginia, Manassas, Reston, Chantilly, Sterling VA and other areas). We have top-notch driving instructors with huge experience of teaching driving in Northern Virginia. The reputation of our company is built on quality driving instructions and honest policies since most of our students are referred to us by our previous students. Driving School Fairfax, Manassas, Chantilly, Reston & Sterling Virginia. We offer driving courses for students from all age groups that include students with zero driving knowledge, students that get nervous while driving and drivers that hold foreign driving licenses and want to take the DMV test. Northern VA Driving School is licensed and fully insured. We also offer refresher driving lessons that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Northern VA Driving School is one of the best driver training driving schools in Northern Virginia. We are in the driver training business for several years and have trained thousands of drivers. Northern VA Driving School is a family owned and operated school and we take good care of you and your teen’s driving training needs. Our instructors are experienced and professional in this field. We took pride in our work and makes you feel comfortable in all aspects of the training. We offer money back guarantee and for some reason if you are not satisfied, we’ll return your money back.

The Professional Driving Lessons at Northern VA Driving School

It is important to choose professional driving lessons as it will prepare you with the dynamics of safe driving. At Northern VA Driving School, you will find some of the best behind the wheel driving course. We do not believe in fiddling with the quality of driving education we impart and this is the reason why we strive for excellence. We have separate driving lessons for adults and teenagers.

What Makes Us The Best Professional Driving Schools?

We are aware of the need to impart the right driving tips because safety comes first. When we are offering behind the wheel driving lessons, we first impart the basic safety lessons and make the learners aware of the need to stick to these rules. The next lesson is to make all our learners familiar with the different street traffic guidelines. Making a new driver feel responsible for his/her driving habit is extremely important and we leave no stone unturned to ensure that we suffice all these objectives.

How Can We Help You?

When you choose Northern VA Driving School, you will find a huge improvement in the skills and ease with which you can master the art of driving. You can choose a course that seems fit for you. We have separate driving lessons for teenagers. We do not rush through the driving process because at Northern VA Driving School, we believe that in order to become am efficient driver, it is important to have full control and mastery over the different driving methods and behavior. We are patient in our approach and we pay special attention towards all our learners. One of the key specialties of Northern VA Driving School is that our professional driving lessons are tailored to suit your needs. If you are unable to grasp a specific method of driving, our instructors will devote extra time to make sure that you excel in that specific form with full finesse. The kind of consistency we have offered in our services and the type of skills that our learners have managed to hone makes Northern VA Driving School one of the top professional driving education provider. We are always looking to improve our own performance and it is by imparting the right safety lessons that we complete the course meticulously. We believe in offering some of the finest lessons and we are always on the lookout for refinements and improvements. You can check the details of our driving courses and then pass a verdict as to whether or not you would like to avail our professional services.

Where Can You Avail Our Services?

We are one of the top driving schools in Northern Virginia and we serve in Manassas VA, Chantilly VA, Bristow VA, Nokesville VA, Sterling VA, Gainesville VA, Burke VA, Centreville VA, Fairfax VA, Reston VA and even at Northern Virginia and various other places. You can always drop us a query regarding the nearest place where you can avail our driving lessons and we will be happy to assist you.